sirenamermaid statue

Sirena's Story

Guam's legendary mermaid, Sirena, lived in Agana during Spanish times near the Minondo River where fresh spring waters dividing the city of Agana met the ocean at the river's mouth (Bicana) not so far from the site of the statue above. She loved the water and was known to swim whenever she could steal a moment from her chores to satisfy her greatest pleasure.

One fateful day, Sirena's mother sent her to get coconut shells to be used as coal for the iron. Oblivious to time and duty, Sirena couldn't resist the refreshing river. There she swam while her mother called impatiently. Sirena's godmother happened to be visiting, and as her mother angrily cursed her daughter with the words, "Since Sirena loves the water more than anything, she should become a fish", her Nina (godmother) quickly interjected, "leave the part of her that belongs to me".

Unknown to mother, godmother, family and friends, Sirena was never to return home again, for feeling unusual sensations as she swam, she soon discovered that from the waist down she had become part fish. Her mother, regretful of her curse, could not undo the outcome of fate. Bidding her loved ones farewell, Sirena swam out into the Pacific. Since her disappearance, seafarers have reported seeing her in different parts of the world. According to legend, she can only be caught with a net of human hair. 

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